The Regional Center for Quality and Excellence in Education (RCQE) was established in October 25th, 2014 under the auspice of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a category II Center and based on the establishment agreement concluded between the Kingdom of Saudi Aribia and the UNESCO. The establishment of the Center is an attempt from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to significantly support the UNESCO humanitarian mission to promote the positivity in people’s lives. This initiative represents the commitment of the UNESCO and the Kingdom to secure the “Right to Education for All” and quality and excellent education to all four corners of the world, as it is a milestone of the global sustainable development.


The Center aims at disseminating the culture of quality and excellence in educational systems through developing policies based on the best international experiences and research findings in this field in addition to training programs necessary for promoting the awareness of these trends in the Arab educational institutes.
From RCQE perspective, Quality refers to the processes involved in the sustainable development of educational services, and the institutional consistency to promote learning processes and outcomes to a higher level of quality. Within the same context, Excellence is the final outcome of these ongoing quality processes, which is reflected on the human acquisition of essential knowledge and skills, with the ability and desire to pursue education. Excellence delineates cultural values through critical thinking, international understanding, tolerance and coexistence with different cultures, religions and societies.

The prominent value of the Center comes through the representation of several Arab countries in the Board of Directors, in addition to a number of national, regional and international experts. The sustainability and success of the Center are grounded on the participation of various sectors and expertise in the development and implementation of its programs across the Arab region and the ongoing evaluation thereof in the light of UNESCO’s goals.
RCQE is looking forward to the participation of all experts and specialists in quality and excellence in education field in the Arab region. Their initiatives and contributions are highly needed to constantly develop education systems in the Arab countries in order to serve the Arab nations and promote the role of the Arabs in building the global civilization through achieving quality and excellent in their education.

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