Project in Brief


The purpose of this project is to develop RCQE strategic plan in light of UNESCO post-2015 Education Agenda taking into consideration the various educational priorities of the Arab countries. The strategic plan covers the period from 2015 to 2020 defining RCQE strategic goals, priorities, topics, programs, organizational structures and financial action plan.

Project Highlights

Benchmarking of various organization models related to RCQE mandates (14 organizations & more than 42 information resources). Analyzing more than 56 Educational strategy reports of Ministries of Education in the Arab world.

Integrating UNECO strategic goals.
Organizing 4 expert workshops attended by more than 20 national and regional experts. Having the approval of stakeholders and the authorization of RCQE board of directors.

  • Create a conceptual framework for people involved and concerned with teacher preparation process.
  • Measure the effectiveness of teacher training and preparation programs at education faculties.
  • Discuss the status of the evaluation process of the existing programs outcomes.
  • Propose and discuss the international trends and experiences related to the development of teacher education programs.
  • Define the extent of equality between males and females in teaching profession concerning obtaining training and development programs (UNESCO Goals 2030).

Project Goals

  • Developing vision and mission
  • Defying aspects of strategy
  • Defining the operating model
  • Designing org. & governance model
  • Setting the communication plan
  • Developing the financial plan.
  • Outcomes

    • RCQE Five-year strategic plan.
    • First two-year action plan.
    • The organization and governance structures.
    • Financial plan.
    • Fundrasing plan.
    • Communication plan.

    Time frame

    10 weeks


    Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

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