RCQE launched a training program on “educational indicators” targeting officials of the Arab ministries of education. The program will be delivered in several Arab countries.

The first stage started in Saudi Arabia by targeting around 30 officials from the Saudi Ministry of education. Training sessions were held in RCQE premises from 11 to 13 December 2017.

Dr. Omar Jalloun, RCQE deputy director general, stated that the program aims at enhancing the capacity of participants to define, analyze, interpret, and utilize education indicators in planning, monitoring, and evaluation.

Dr. Jalloun elaborated that the program targets planning and statistics staff in the Arab Ministries of Education to help them critically analyze and discuss the evidence-based policies with their national counterparts and other partners.

Moreover, Dr. Jalloun pointed out that the main purpose of the program is to provide an analytical framework contains the main used and required indicators to monitor and evaluate education policies.

Finally, Dr. Jalloun stated that our plan is to provide this program to 7 Arab countries. “we decide to launch it first in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to express our gratitude to the Government of the Kingdom for the support and efforts exerted to improve the quality of education systems and institutions in the Arab world” he stressed.


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