Translation for Quality project


An initiative launched by RCQE to enrich the Arabic content through translating – from English to Arabic – various books in the educational quality and environment field.


  • Promote quality and excellence culture in education and disseminate knowledge and best educational practices.
  • Urge education policy makers to get benefit from the international expertise.
  • Enhance teacher quality and educational system quality measurement.
  • Develop new ideas and views in society.
  • Enrich the educational and cultural Arabic content.


  • Translate selected books which provide deep understanding of education quality and excellence.
  • Review the translated books by educational experts.
  • Organize workshops and seminars for introducing and discussing the translated books.


  • Translating the following books:
  • – Quality Educators: An International Study of Teacher Competences and Standards
    – The Moral University
    – Young Faculty in the Twenty-First Century: International Perspectives
    – Smaller, Quicker, Cheaper … Improving Learning Assessments for Developing Countries The Highly Qualified Teatchers

  • Print, publish, and distribute the translated books
  • Organize workshops with stakeholders to discuss the books for defining and apply the learned lessons

Time frame

12 months

Project Card

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