Strategy Methodology

RCQE strategic plan was a result of four- step process, each with a unique purpose.

  • First, 5 categories of 14 organizations were benchmarked in detail to extract best practices and consolidate those most applicable to RCQE.
  • Second, analysis of educational strategies, in an attempt to identify the needs of Arab countries through analyzing 56 strategy reports of Ministries of Education in the Board Member countries i.e. Morocco, Jordan, UAE, and Egypt, in addition to Saudi Arabia as the host country. Third, analysis of UNESCO strategy reports.
  • Three documents were assessed in detail; (1) UNESCO Education Strategy (2014-2021), (2) UNESCO Draft (version 2 February 20115) Framework for action of the post- 2015 Education Agenda, and (3) Sharm El Sheikh Statement from the Arab States Region Conference on Education Post -2015: Towards Quality Education and Lifelong Learning for All (2015).
  • Fourth, Experts’ workshops. RCQE held and organized 3 workshops and two internal meetings attended by more than 24 regional and national experts in education and strategic planning.



RCQE Vision

To be the reference center in promoting quality and excellence in education in the Arab region.

RCQE Mission

To promote quality and excellence in education across the Arab region, through:

  • Fostering the culture of quality and excellence;
  • Disseminating knowledge and best practices;
  • Providing consultations, applied research and capacity building programs;
  • Coordinating regional efforts in enhancing the educational experience.

Strategic goals

RCQE defines four strategic goals to be realised during the period from 2015 to 2020. These goals are as follows:

  • Develop high quality research programs related to quality and excellence in education to meet the needs of Arab states;
  • Promote and develop capacity building initiatives serving the needs of educators and policy makers;
  • Provide technical consultation, practical ideas and best practices related to quality teaching and learning;
  • Oversee and manage aid programs related to quality and excellence in education across the Arab Region.

Geographical scope

RCQE has a regional nature. it is established to promote the quality and excellence in education systems in the Arab region. The geographic scope will cover all Arab countries.

Functional scope

RCQE will exercise its mandates within a scope covering 0-12 education levels and higher education.

Service scope

During the time frame of this strategy, RCQE will provide its services within the following topics and sub- topics which are selected based on a research study on 10 Arab countries to define and guide the work of the strategic goals and identify the areas of expertise in the center as an educational consulting center according to the needs of the region.


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