Policy Dialogue on Education Quality measurement


Interactive workshop aiming to discuss the issue of education quality and the mechanisms of improving the quality assurance policies in the Gulf region and Yemen. The assistance of the attending expert will be sought to design regional models aligned with the characteristics and possibilities suitable suitable for each country.


    Knowledge and experience sharing in education quality measurement field between the representatives of Gulf countries and Yemen through conducting studies on case national education quality measurement experiences, in light of the following dialogue questions:

  • What is the meaning of quality education concept?
  • Does this concept relate to the academic achievements only or does it include wide objectives relevant to social and life skills and the ability to adapt in an ever changing world?
  • What are the factors that affect education quality?
  • What is the relative importance of each factor in relation to cost effectiveness?
  • What are the mechanisms and tools which can be used for education quality measurement?
  • What are the different roles of educational administrators to improve education quality?
  • Does education quality relate to the different levels of decision making in ministries of Education?


  • Defining the meaning of quality education concept and analyzing the relevant structures, functions, and general policies.
  • Improving quality education measurements and mechanisms; and developing proposals for mutual cooperation between the participating countries to share, analyze, and get benefit of these tools and mechanisms.
  • Developing general guidelines to execute plans for improving the quality education process in light of post -2015 UNESCO Goals and indicators.


  • The guidelines of education Quality indicators.
  • The first regional report on quality education indicators.


UNESCO Regional Center for Educational Planning

Time frame

14-15 December 2015

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