Competition for K-12 Arab students on Education Quality


Motivational competition targeting K-12 students in the Arab World for writing short essays on their dreams and aspirations concerning the improvement of school system and environment.


  • Enhance and improve the quality of education process.
  • Acquire and get benefit from student aspirations about the school environment in order to maximize and improve school role and outcomes in addition to enhancing strategic approaches in the education governance.
  • Urge students to take part in the change process of school and education reality.
  • Propose recommendations to decision makers based on competition results.
  • Develop unconventional ideas and visions about the enhancement of education quality in schools aligned with the contemporary givens and tools.
  • Encourage creative writing and competition sprit between students.


  • Participating in the competition will be through writing creative short essays on the improvement of school systems and environment. Essays will focus on all school aspects including but not limited to teachers, education systems, buildings, textbook content, and activities.
  • The competition will be in Arabic language and will be accessible for all students from all levels in private and public schools.
  • Excellent essays will be classified by education levels to ensure great participation and equal chances for all age groups.
  • The competition will be announced in regional media channels. The participation will be through a separate link in RCQE website (
  • The competition results will not include ranking. Ten excellent essays will be elected and published weekly (three per week). Results and publishing will take place six weeks after the launch of the competition.
  • All creative ideas will be submitted to experts for analysis and development. Then, discussions will be held in a forum attended by participant students and decision makers.


  • A series of workshops on education quality issues attended by officials and participants of excellent essays.
  • Creative ideas will be developed and submitted to decision makers in the Arab world.
  • The elected essays will be published in the sponsoring newspaper.
  • A book will be Written based on the elected essays, workshop outcomes, and recommendations proposed to decision makers.
  • Hashtag will be Launched for continuously publishing pioneer ideas of participants in addition to getting benefit from interactions.

Time frame

Four months after launching the competition

Project Card

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