Analysis of National Achievement Test in KSA


Analyzing achievement tests applied by the Ministry of Education on students in the fourth, sixth, and ninth grades in Math, Science, and Arabic subjects. Tests were applied on all schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the year 2014 / 2015. 1,150,000 students subjected to these tests.


  • Developing general and specific notes on the files received from the Ministry, which included scanned copies of more than 3 million paper sheets.
  • Calculating statistics (averages and deviations) and estimating coefficients (Reliability & distinction).
  • Designing specification tables of achievement test questions and classifying questions according to semesters, units of school book, and Cognitive levels.
  • Defining difficulty coefficients of each semester questions for all subjects.
    Calculating the approximate cost of administrating the test.


  • Properly documenting the achievement test process in KSA.
  • Defining procedures undertaken before, through and after the process to improve the performance of test administration
  • Defining indicators that enable decision makers to support and improve the achieve test process.
  • Determining generally the achievement levels of students in the fourth, sixth, and ninth grads throughout KSA.
  • Determining the achievement level according to variables (governorates, subjects, gender, types of education; “General or Islamic”, “Public or Private”).
  • Identifying common mistakes of students to develop appropriate training strategies for teachers.


  • First report : Introduction to the achievement test project and its experience in KSA.
  • Second report : Evaluation of test management process.
  • Third report: Statistical analysis of test marks, absence, cheating in tests, and governorates ranking.
  • Fourth report : Statistical analysis of test questions and statistic differences of achievement according to some independent variables.
  • Fifth report: Proposals and recommendations.

Time frame

6 Monthes


The Saudi Ministry of Education

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