Excellence Awards in the Arab World: Development Study


RCQE will conduct a development and survey study on Excellence Awards in the Arab world through organizing a set of workshops on the improvement mechanisms of education quality and outcomes.


  • Measure the quality of standards and objectives of excellence awards in the Arab World.
  • Improve the mechanisms of the existing awards according to the best international practices.
  • Study the inclusivity of such awards in terms of different student categories (females, students with special needs, etc.).
  • Create a practical regional perspective on the activation of excellence awards role to improve quality education.


  • Conduct a survey study on the existing excellence awards in the Arab world.
  • Organize workshops on the international experiences and how to improve education quality through excellence awards.
  • Develop relevant indicators and peer reviews with the best international practices.
  • Propose regional framework on education excellence awards aligned with the international practices.


  • Organize workshops which provide new ideas and solutions based on the survey study.
  • Provide regional framework defines standards and objectives of excellence awards and ensure effectiveness of their outcomes.

Time frame

10 months

Project Card

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