Evaluation policies and practices of K-12 Education


RCQE will conduct a study on the best professional practices of K-12 education evaluation and preparation programs for evaluators.


  • Discussion of Evaluation policies and practices of K-12 Education in the Arab world.
  • Discussion of the mechanisms of evaluation process between concerned ministries and evaluation bodies.
  • Develop a proposal for the potential cooperation among member states in relation to the evaluation of international schools in the region (as a measurement of educational system quality).
  • Study the possibility of developing a regional study for evaluating education outcomes in the Arab region to meet the national and regional goals.
  • Discussion of the main requirements, competencies, and skills of people involved evaluation process.


  • Develop a cooperation strategy among member states in K-12 education evaluation field.
  • Define the best practices of K-12 education evaluation based on the view of KSA and other participating member states.
  • Develop evaluation policies of the international education in the member states.
  • Set a general framework for a regional study on the measurement of education outcomes in the participating states.

Time frame

October 2016

Project Card

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