Education quality indicators in the Arab world


RCQE will Set a group of educational indicators for measuring and following up education quality through scientific methods based on the indictors applied by the international organizations.


  • Measure and follow up education quality through selected relevant global indicators.
  • Set a group of global indicators related to education quality.
  • Define the current status of education quality in the Arab world through these indicators.
  • Provide necessary methodologies and guidelines.
  • Provide the milestone for planning and development.


  • Set a plan for a regional report project on education quality indicators.
  • Develop a group of indicators related for education quality measurement.
  • Develop the relevant guidelines including the identification and definition of the required indicators in addition to their data sources.
  • Establish tools necessary for data collection and supervise data collection and analysis process.
  • Conduct the first regional report on quality education indicators.


  • The guidelines of education Quality indicators.
  • The first regional report on quality education indicators.

Time frame

9 months

Project Card

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