RCQE Board of Directors held its third meeting – on the sidelines of the 39th UNESCO General Conference – on Tuesday, 31 November 2017 in Paris. The meeting was headed by the Chairman H.E Dr. Ahmed Al-Essa, the Saudi minister of education, and attended by H.E Dr. Mohammed Abdul Latif Al-Faris, the Kuwaiti Minister of Education, H.E Mrs. Asia Mohammed Idris, the Sudanese Minister of Education, Dr. Mohammed Al-Mualla, the representative of UAE minister of education, H.E Dr. Mohamed Al-Juwaini, the vice president of Islamic Development Bank, H.E Dr. Hammad Al-Hamami, the representative of UNESCO Director General, and several leaders from education entities in the Arab world.

The Board discussed the agenda which included several issues on developing quality and excellence policies in the Arab education systems. At the beginning, Dr. Al-Essa welcomed board members and appreciated their efforts to achieve RCQE strategic goals.

Then, H.E Dr. Husam Zaman, RCQE Director-General and the Secretary-General of the Board, delivered a presentation on RCQE projects and achievements during the last year.

After that, board members discussed the items on the agenda including RCQE financial report 2016/2017, the future projects, and the estimated budget for the year 2017/2018.  The Board approved several projects and symposiums such as: a project on in-service training programs and policies, the integration of global citizenship concept in k-12 curricula, A developmental review on 7-12 teacher education programs, a project on private sector role in achieving education quality in the Arab world, and a project of teacher policies in education systems.

Moreover, the Board approved the RCQE budget 2017/2018 which will be used for funding the approved projects and capacity building programs.

Meanwhile, the board members expressed a set of views and insights to unify the Arab common efforts and build strategic partnerships for improving quality policies in the Arab education systems and achieving the excellence of their outcomes.

In addition, H.E Dr. Al-Faris, the Kuwaiti Minister of Education, praised the role of Saudi Arabia for hosting RCQE and providing a full support to improve education quality and enhance teacher capacity in the Arab world.

Dr. Al-Faris also added that the Arab countries are eager to promote the level of education and they have several initiatives and projects which will achieve a significant shift in the process of education quality improvement. He stressed that RCQE projects will integrate these efforts on the regional level.

Finally, the Board members expressed their appreciation to the support of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and His Crown Prince. They stated that such support reflects the leadership role of Saudi Arabia to enhance the Arab efforts for improving the quality and excellence of education in the Arab world.


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