RCQE Deputy Director General, Dr. Omar Jalloun, attended the 2nd Arab Regional Meeting on SDG4-Education 2030 (ARMED II) in Dubai from 6 to 7 March 2017. He was a member in the committee concerned with drafting the final statement and the road map.

Dr. Jalloun pointed out that the final statement highlighted the importance of reconsidering education collectively and collaboratively. The statement assured that education transformation process should be directed towards achieving comprehensive, equitable, and highly qualified education that guarantees lifelong education opportunities for all. All these efforts should make the slogan “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” a reality for all people, he added.

Moreover, the statement indicated the necessity of following up the progress of the road map. This can be achieved through conducting biannual brief reports on the progress and problems faced by member states in each stage of the road map, enriching the SDG4 platform (managed by UNESCO Beirut Office) with experiences and news, and preparing for and attending the 3rd Arab Regional Meeting in 2018.

Finally, the statement reflected the commitment of all member states to transform their education systems for achieving the desired goal by 2030.


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