The Regional Center for Quality and Excellence in Education (RCQE) in cooperation with Tatweer Company for Educational Services (T4edu) organized a training program on building and measuring educational indicators. The program was organized in 19-20/12/2016 at Tatweer premises and delivered by the international experts: Dr. Said Belqashalh and Mr. Talal Al-Horany.

Dr. Omar Jalloun, RCQE Deputy Manager, elaborated that the program included a general introduction on the definition, characteristics, and usage scope of an indicator.  He added that the program addressed the general context indicators (demographic and economic indicators), internal effective indicators, education progress indicators, equity and quality indicators (gender equity percentage, resource usage, and education outputs), and other international indicators. The program highlighted as well the rules of international peer reviews and elaborated the follow-up framework of the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG4) concerned with education.

Moreover, Dr. Jalloun pointed out that RCQE welcomes any cooperation and integration with educational institutions and bodies. “RCQE is open to provide any training, research, and advisory programs to promote education quality and excellence” he confirmed.

Finally, Dr. Jalloun expressed his gratitude to T4edu officials for their trust and hospitality.


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