On the Universal Children’s Day, the Regional Center for Quality and Excellence in Education launches a video for awareness outreach titled “Quality Education is a Right for All Children”. The video is a one minute silent animation movie to be published via all social media channels for promoting society human rights awareness about the necessity of providing quality education for all children.

In this context, Dr. Husam Zaman, RCQE DG, elaborated that quality education is an inherited right to all children even in countries which suffer from political and military tension. “quality education immunizes children from terroristic and criminal thoughts and ensures their mental and psychological stability”, he added.

Moreover, Dr. Zaman pointed out the video mainly illustrates that child education plays a key role in promoting national, civil, and industrial development. He added that it targets policy makers and parents to highlight the right of all children to quality education including the provision of attractive education environments, up-to-date curricula, and education technology.


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